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Gear Volcon’s Brat Is An Entry Level E-Bike With Moto AestheticsYou can reserve a Brat today for a November 2022 pickup for $2,799.

The electric bike market is projected to skyrocket by 2030. This means the already ultra-competitive market wills see new brands attempting to break off a piece for themselves. And Volcon is one of ’em. They entered the fray with its Brat e-bike, a stylish moto-inspired vessel that’ll be available in November 2022 and cost $2,799.

Said Volcon’s CEO Jordan Davis via press release:

“While our brand was built on the dirt, we have a passion for all things performance and the Brat meets our expectations. We set out to enter the market with not only a high-performance machine, but a bike that had style as well. The e-Bike market is saturated with lookalike products, and we believe the Brat stands out from the crowd in both looks and performance

“We believe the strong growth in the segment is a unique opportunity to offer a fresh product, grabbing the attention of on-road e-Bike enthusiasts. The proverbial leap from the Brat to the Grunt isn’t far. If you can ride the Brat, you can ride our Grunt, meaning as your riding style changes and experience progresses, we’ll have the product for you.”

The Brat will feature four ride modes with varying levels of pedal assist to appeal to urban riders as well as off-roaders. Its 48V battery will take 6-7 hours to juice up via Level 1 charging (i.e. an outlet in your home). The top speed will be 28 mph and the maximum miles per charge is 70+, which of course varies based on which mode you select.

Mode 1:

Minimal pedal assist and max battery life.

Mode 2:

Light power and acceleration best used in urban settings.

Mode 3:

More power, higher torque.

Mode 4:

Max power!

The onboard display will feature info such as trip distance, time, odometer, and speed. There’s also a USB charger for your phone or other devices.

Take a look at more Brat stats below. More info available here:

Starting at $2,799 Volcon Brat E-Bike

volcon brat profile
  • Battery 750W wh Removable Battery
  • Motor 750W
  • Front Suspension Inverted Telescoping Adjustable Forks
  • Rear Suspension Monoshock
  • Tires 20" x 4.0" Low rolling resistance hybrid tires suitable for mixed terrain use
  • Display 4” LED Color Display, Bluetooth Connected and Controlled via DPad
  • Range 70+ Miles in Mode 1 (30+ Miles in Modes 2-4)
  • Weight 86 pounds
  • Charging Time 6-7 hours via Level 1 charging
  • Range 70+ Miles in Mode 1 (30+ Miles in Modes 2-4)

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