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Gear The Packable Problem Solver: True Utility’s Tiny Multi-ToolWith all the essentials — including a bottle opener — this 8-in-1 pocket tool will help you out of countless jams.


For anyone driving vintage cars or motorcycles, not having the right tool on hand when the inevitable breakdown occurs can turn a day of spirited driving into frustratingly selling your old school ride “as is” on Craigslist the next day. For the perfect packable do-it-all life-saver, reach no further than the True Utility TI 8-in-1 multi-tool.

Packing a lot into a tiny package (‎10.55 x 6.06 x 1.46 inches) at a very reasonable price of $50 and constructed with a rust- and corrosion-resistant titanium nitride coating, you’ll find a handful of essentials that’ll come in handy in a countless number of jams. Some highlights: wire cutters, bottle opener, awl, spring-loaded pliers, 2.75″ find-edge blade, Phillips head screwdriver, flathead screwdrivers, knife, and a saw.

The handy multi tool locks in two positions — 90 degrees and 180 degrees — and has an ergonomic grip that’ll help you get pesky caps off of bottles when you’re popping a brew back at home after that great day on the road.

TI Pocket Multi-Tool Dimensions

  • 4.13″ (L) X 1.42″ (W) X 0.79″ (H)
  • (H) X 36mm (W) X 20mm (D)
  • 0.37 lbs.

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