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Culture What To Watch If You’re A Gearhead: Our Top 5 Favorite YouTube Channels Of 2022From 200 HP Barbie Jeeps to a Ferrari with a Honda engine – these are our top 5 favorite YouTube channels that we watched the most in 2022.

YouTube is a great place to find niche and enthusiast content. You can find content about nearly any interest to scratch almost any itch. These days we find ourselves watching as much YouTube as we do Netflix or HBO. The production quality of YouTube creators continues to get better and better — some content even rivals network productions. Here are our top 5 favorite YouTube channels of 2022.

01 Stanceworks

Mike Burrooughs of Stanceworks went all-in on YouTube this past year with his Honda swapped Ferrari 308 project. As a one-man-band he sure knows how to make some noise. The project was controversial, ambitious, and just plain awesome, and the YouTube algorithm Gods smiled upon him landing him 140k+ subs in just over a year. Watching Mike struggle to meet deadlines, solve problems, and build a far-out custom car from scratch was just good TV, plain and simple. More impressive that he did most of it, including the filming, editing, and publishing himself. Head over to the Stanceworks YouTube, smash that subscribe, and enjoy the ride.

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02 For The Bold

For the custom moto-obsessed among us, Ant of For The Bold has the perfect YouTube channel for you. A graphic designer by trade, Ant translates those skills to his custom-built motorcycle builds with perfection. With ambition and excitement, Ant brings viewers into his small workshop, giving them an up close look at the process of bringing an idea to life. Most importantly, he follows through and the finished products are impressive to say the least. We’re suckers for a timelapse with a good payoff as well and Ant makes sure to deliver. Check out For The Bold on YouTube and give him a follow if you’re a moto-nut.

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03 The Squidd

The Squidd is a relatively new channel on YouTube, but he came out of nowhere like a whirling dervish. Eight months ago, this first video about the Honda NSX dropped and racked up north of a million views right out of the gate. Like going 0-100 in 3 seconds he was off to the races. The videos that came after followed suit, garning hundreds of thousands of views and nearly 80k subscribers. The content is episodic mini-doc style stories about legendary cars and the people behind them. The editing, pacing, and overall storytelling really sets this channel apart from the pack. Check out the Squidd on YouTube and subscribe.

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04 Grind Hard Plumbing Co.

Our morbid fascination with dangerous and moronic contraptions is undeniable, and we can’t help but admire a dumbass idea that is magnificently executed. When we first discovered Grind Hard Plumbing Co. and saw a Power Wheels car shredding tires in a parking lot, we smashed the “subscribe” button immediately. Grind Hard’s YouTube channel has attracted over 1.5 million followers over the past couple of years, all kick-started by their first experiment in backwoods alchemy: a Barbie Mustang Drift Kart with a Honda CRF230 dirt bike motor erupting out of its pink plastic bodywork. The Idaho boys have gone on to create all kinds of redneck contraptions and we’re here for it. Hit Grind Hard’s YouTube and subscribe to witness their shenanigans.

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05 Fortnine

Ryan of the YouTube channel FortNine has been putting out some of the best motorcycle related content on YouTube for years now and continues to do so. We’re consistently impressed by his range of topics, filming, editing, and his well-researched storytelling — and the fact that he’s got an opinion and isn’t afraid to share it. At 1.6 million subscribers, we’re glad to see that there’s quite a few others who agree with us. It’s Top Gear meets Bill Nye The Science Guy. If you’re into motorcycles and have not subscribed to FortNine yet, you’re missing out. Head on over to the FortNine YouTube channel and enjoy your binge.

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