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Gear Throwback-Inspired Camping Gear Perfect For Any Outdoor AdventureThis crop of throwback-looking outdoor gear from Colemnan's 1900 Collection is tough enough for hardcore camping trips but stylish enough for backyard get-togethers.

When you’re lost in the wilderness frantically attempting to escape the clutches of a bloodthirsty Sasquatch, any and all survival tools will do. However, when you’re heading into the woods for a getaway with friends or you’re planning a staycation that involves plenty of backyard cooking and drinking, the outdoor gear selection you pack not only has to work flawlessly, but it also has to look cool without breaking the bank.

From portable stoves and lanterns to coolers and flashlights, Coleman’s 1900 Collection has that vintage style with modern upgrades. Take a look.

01 3-in-1 Propane Stove

The 3-in-1 portable stove two adjustable burners, a removable cast iron grill and griddle for versatile cooking and easy cleaning, and a built-in handle for no-hassle transport.

To light ‘er up, no matches or flame is needed; all you do is turn the knobs and adjust the temperature (up to 24,000 BTUs). In addition, the wind guard keeps the burners protected during breezy weather to ensure you can get your ribeye nice and crispy even when the wind howls.

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coleman 1900 stove
$230 3-in-1 Propane Stove Buy Now
$350 54-Quart Steel Belted Cooler Buy Now

02 54-Quart Steel Belted Cooler

Whether you’re stocking up on brews, booze, or bottled water, the 54-quart cooler can hold up to 42 cans plus up to 27 pounds of ice. Made of durable stainless steel, the two outside handles on either end allow one strong person (or two scrawny weaklings) to lug the cooler from the car to the campsite.

Other features include an integrated bottle opener, a super-strong latch, and a TempLock lid that keeps beverages icy cold.

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03 Coleman 1900 Collection Lanterns & Flashlights

The battery-operated LED lanterns and flashlights (200 or 600 lumens) are water- and impact-resistant and feature adjustable brightness settings. All four lighting models are lightweight and versatile enough to use on the trail or in the backyard.


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coleman camping lights
$75 Lumen LED Lantern Buy Now
$40 Steel Belted Tumbler or Wine Bottle Buy Now

04 Steel Belted Stainless Steel Tumbler & Wine Bottle

The wine bottle (25 ounces) and tumbler (20 or 30 ounces) all sport leakproof lids, an anti-sweat design (read: no condensation dripping down the outside or water rings if you set it down), and vacuum insulation that’ll keep liquids cold for as much as 40 hours, and hot for up to 14.


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