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Gear This Electric ATV from Outrider USA was Built for Every BodyThe brand's mission has been to build electric all-terrain vehicles for hunting, fishing, and adventure enthusiast regardless of physical limitations.

When you first see the Coyote from manufacturer Outrider USA, you might see something akin to a reclining recumbent chair that belongs on the set of a Mad Max sequel. After all, it’s not uncommon nowadays for manufacturers to create vehicles geared toward doomsday cosplayers.

However, it’s when you look under the hood of the company and understand its mission that the Coyote and the other purpose-built rides from Outrider USA become something more meaningful than well-built electric ATVs.

Based in Fletcher, North Carolina, Outrider was co-founded by former college roommates Tommy Ausherman and Daniel Rhyne in 2009. First operating under FFR Trikes, the duo began creating bikes that would enhance safety for their commute to campus.

Later becoming Outrider USA, the company’s creations became more purpose-built. In 2014 came the Kickstarter success story, The Horizon, “the disability-proof all-terrain electric bike.”

Now comes the Coyote, which is engineered to provide a comfortable all-terrain quad for those with physical disabilities as well as those without.

In other words, Outrider USA has proven mobility shouldn’t be what prevents someone from doing what they love to do, be it hunting, fishing, or cruising on a doorless quad through the neighborhood. The company specifically states on its website that MS, ALS, cerebral palsy, paraplegia, quadriplegia, and hemiplegia as conditions with which the Coyote is compatible. How often do you see vehicles — or anything, for that matter — marketed to people afflicted with those life-altering conditions?

Coyote Specs

Billed as the “lightest 4WD vehicle ever produced,” the Coyote features four motors and can travel up to 140 miles per charge. It’s also ultracompact, with length, width, and height dimensions of 60″ x 33″ x 33″.  So not only was it built for ultimate adaptability but transporting it doesn’t require a pickup truck or SUV. (The photo top right demonstrates just how easy it is to stash one of these in a compact car.)

The Coyote starts at $13,985, and you can customize it for your needs and wants, including AWD or RWD, and adding Tri-Pin controls ($2,000), a cargo rack ($375), and an electronics pack ($900). Color options include black, white, orange, blue, and green.


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