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One of the go-to staples of any wardrobe, the trusty hoodie just might be the favorite thing in our closet. Done right, it’s comfortable solo or layered, and works with almost anything we might be wearing on any given day. Done wrong, it’s bulky, baggy, and doesn’t breathe.

Now, if you’re just looking for an athletic-type hoodie to layer under a jacket or to wear around the house, you can pick one of those up almost anywhere. But when we want our hoodie to be our top layer, when we need more protection and/or warmth than the typical cotton hoodie provides, we reach for our Workhorse Hoodie from Taylor Stitch, every time.

The Workhorse Hoodie in Sand Boss Duck falls somewhere between your standard hoodie and a bomber jacket. It’s got more style and features than a typical hoodie, with a ribbed elastic hem and wrists to lock out moisture and keep it snug. And the hemp-heavy Boss Duck construction makes it perfect for those cold, misty mornings in the shop or out in the yard. It’s made mostly of 12-ounce hemp—54 percent—blended with 30 percent recycled polyester, 14 percent organic cotton, and two percent spandex. So not only is it tough and durable, it’s soft, sustainable, and has a bit of stretch for comfort and mobility.

A handy internal chest pocket keeps our phone and other valuables close at hand, and the snap storm front (with internal zipper closure) keeps the rain from seeping in. Roomy, perfectly placed pockets on either side keep our mitts warm and our tools handy, and the 7-ounce, 100 percent organic cotton blanket stripe lining is as comfortable as any single-layer cotton hoodie. The pockets are lined with the same cozy lining.

This is workwear we can get behind. Taylor Stitch makes all kinds of great shirts, pants, boots, and jackets—we’ve been professing our love for its leather Moto Jacket for years—but it’s gear like this Workhorse Hoodie, with style, durability, and made the Right Way, that gets us right in the feels. The Workhorse Hoodie in Sand Boss Duck comes in sizes XS to XXL, and costs $248.

If you’re not familiar with Taylor Stitch, get yourself that way. The ten-year-old San Francisco-based company leans heavily into sustainability, using responsibly sourced regenerative and recycled materials wherever possible to minimize its environmental footprint. And it only works with suppliers, distributors, and manufacturers who share its vision. You can read all about Taylor Stitch’s responsibility mission on the company’s website but our favorite thing about TS is by far its comfortable, dependable, and fantastic-looking clothes. Check them out today.