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Add A “Little D” To Your Life With The Suzuki Jimny DAMD KitJapanese body kit manufacturer, DAMD, creates two kits to turn your humble Suzuki into a tiny Defender.

For the past 40+ years, Japanese body kit company DAMD (Design And Manufacture Development) has built a reputation for creating aftermarket accessories and kits that add a unique and sporty look to a wide range of Japanese vehicles. They also clearly have a tongue in cheek sense of humor by adding some levity to their products. Their styling packages for the Suzuki Jimny and the Suzuki Every van and wagon are no exception. DAMD lets you turn these otherwise pedestrian vehicles into tiny Land Rover Defenders. All it takes is a “Little D.”

Founded as Damned Works in Japan in 1982, DAMD is located in Yokohama, in the Kanagawa Prefecture of Japan, a city which is home to many automotive-related businesses and is considered to be one of the major centers of the Japanese automotive industry. DAMD specializes in the design and production of body kits and accessories for a wide range of Japanese vehicles, including popular models such as the Toyota GR Supra, Lexus LC, and Honda Civic Type R. They offer a huge variety of products, including front and rear bumpers, side skirts, spoilers, and diffusers, as well as performance parts such as exhaust systems and suspension components.

Just Add A “Little D.”

The Suzuki Jimny has been around since 1970. But, for us in the United States, you’re likely familiar with the Jimny under a different name: the Suzuki Samurai. The Samurai was first imported to the United States in 1985, and it quickly gained a reputation as a capable and rugged off-roader — and for soccer moms who just thought it was adorable.

The Samurai had a small but mighty 1.3-liter four-cylinder engine that produced 63 horsepower paired with a five-speed manual or a four-speed automatic transmission. The drivetrain was a part-time 4WD system, and it also had a solid front axle and leaf springs suspension which gave it a great off-road performance — that is until it was widely criticized for its rollover risk (not so adorable anymore, eh?) and was subsequently dropped from the American market in 1995.

While the Samurai is not longer sold in the US, the Jimny is still available in other markets and enjoying a loyal following of fans who appreciate its rugged 4WD and capable nature, just like its American cousin, the Samurai, did. And the modern Jimny is still considered a serious off-road vehicle, hence DAMD feeling confident enough to built a body kit that makes the Jimny look — well, like a Little D(efender).

In addition to the Jimny, DAMD offers a “Little D” kit that outfits the Suzuki Every van or wagon into a baby Defender. The Every is no slouch either (and something the U.S. market gets the shaft on once again). Featuring an AWD drivetrain and peppy 660cc engine with available turbo.

So if you’re feeling ready for adventure, but not quite ready to go all in on the Big D, start things off with a “Little D” and take it slow. We’re still talking about cars, right? Ah, just go visit DAMD to find out. 

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