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Gear Stromer’s ST7 Brings Auto-Driving Mechanics to E-BikesBells, whistles, headlights, a state-of-the-art shifting system —  the ST7 is chock full of features. And that's why these things are so damn pricey.

stromer st7 launch

The launch edition of the Stromer’s St7 will be available in October 2022 for the low price of $14,000 — without any customization.

If the sticker shock hasn’t caused you to toss your phone in bewilderment that an e-bike could cost so damn much, here are some reasons the brand justifies the cost:

With the ST7, the idea was to bring auto-driving mechanics to an e-bike with the “world’s first” S-Pedelec with the Pinion Smart.Shift shifting system and Gates Belt drive electronic. Depending on your battery, one charge can get you up to 160 miles of e-bike cruising.

What does this mean? For starters, smooth pushbutton 12-speed electric shifting as well as shift recommendations and a gear indicator.

In addition, in conjunction with the OMNI connect app and Bluetooth connectivity, you can also:

  • lock your motor
  • set an alarm
  • track the bike via GPS in case someone accidentally walks off with it
  • get real-time personal ride performance stats
  • suggested bike maintenance updates or prompts

Also, the ABS brakes and dual suspension — fork and seat post — create a smooth ride for long commutes. (The headlights and taillight will come in handy there, too.)

Clearly, tech-wise and syle-wise, the bike is enticing. However, deciding whether to put that much loot down as a downpayment on a new ride or invest it in an e-bike is where things get tricky. That said, if it helps sway you, the ST7 frame does have a 10-year warranty. So, there’s that.

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