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The Short Film ‘KORTA’ Highlights a Motorcycle Mission to End Gang ViolenceKortel "Korta-T" Autrey uses his passion for motorcycling to encourage inner-city youth away from gang violence.


While there have been a few documentary and short films about inner-city motorcycle culture before (such as 2014’s  12-O’Clock Boys), in the short film KORTA, director Nick Dean‘s approach to telling the story of a Watts, Los Angeles motorcycle stunt rider and his mission is both refreshing and inspiring. The short film supported by helmet brand Ruroc, tells the story of Kortel “Korta-T” Autrey and how he’s using motorcycles as a means to connect the youth in and around Watts in an effort to dissuade them from partaking in gang violence. In 2013, Kortel founded Bikes Over Bang’n, a 501(c)(3) community based non-profit organization, with the goal to provide youth from low-income homes and single parent families, opportunities outside of their environments.

Watch the film above and read more about Bikes Over Bang’n and how you can support them at the link below.

Bikes Over Bang'n

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