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Gear Rux Gear Box: A Waterproof All-in-One Garage-to-Trail TransporterRux may have pulled off the perfect product to help your drag your gear from the garage to the trails.

It takes a great sales pitch — and a better product — to justify an item that’s nearly seven times more expensive than its competition. And the outdoors-minded experts at Rux may have pulled off the perfect product to help your drag your gear from the garage to the trails.

When filled at its 50-pound max capacity, the 70L Rux Gear Box may resemble any one number of clunky, bulky (and visually unappealing) plastic storage competitors — and that’s where the similarity ends: The British Columbia-based brand touts its 70L as a combination gear case, utility tote, and duffel bag — that can also be worn backpack style as well (granted, a very large backpack).

Oh, it’s also waterproof and collapsible, meaning that when you’re glamping weekend is wrapped up, you can wash your Gear Box down with a hose and then toss under your bed till your next getaway.

Unique versatility comes at a cost — in this case, a $265 price tag sounds, but Rux is backing its vision for environmentally friendly storage with its lifetime warranty — that’s one Rux for the price of 10 Earth-crushing plastic bins that have cracked, torn or just worn down.

The brand, which began in 2019, is the creation of designers Trina Thompson and Tony Richardson, two industry veterans who have a long and successful history of creating climbing gear for brands including Arc’teryx. While Rux may not have hit the mainstream yet, they’re gaining steam from their early crowdfunding momentum, where the brand nabbed nearly $240,000 on Indeigogo from enthusiastic backers.

The Rux Gear Box is desirable for its durability as well as its sustainability, since it’s made with recycled materials. The 70L is crafted from with high-tenacity 840d TPU coated nylon, meaning its highly flexible yet durable, allowing it to be used as home storage (it also has wall-mounting and removal capabilities for those who need year-round home storage), camping and outdoors, even traveling through airports. It’s bendable and tough enough to not only hold 50 pounds of equipment or (M&Ms) it can withstand the most severe of elements.

Its top, which can double as a seat cushion during a weekend camping in the outdoors, is a polyurethane coated EVA foam top folds for quick access and climbing grade 20mm webbing and quick release straps means it can be transported securely without tearing and adjustable. And best of all, it can be hosewashed at the end of the trip.

The Rux Gear Box comes in four colors — tan, green, black, and gray.

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