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Automobiles The Ringbrothers’ New Build Will Be “Like Nothing Else on the Road.”We take a peek under the sheets of the Ringbrothers' four newest builds, and a few old ones for good measure.

The Ringbrothers name is as synonymous with automotive restomod culture as Kleenex is to tissues. Though arguably less cozy on the nose, their vehicles represent a benchmark of quality and innovation when it comes to restoring and updating classics like their ’69 Dodge Charger, DEFECTOR, or vintage favorites like the ’71 K5 Blazer aptly known as FUTURE commissioned by hip hop star of the same name. But the Ring Brothers are also known for their show-stopping releases every year at SEMA, and they’ve just teased out four new builds launching at SEMA 2022 — one of which is a very special truck that promises to be “like nothing else on the road.”

(2) Ringbrothers' 1969 Dodge Charger, “DEFECTOR,” built in 2017.

Jim and Mike Ring, professionally known as Ringbrothers, have been building and restoring vehicles before they were old enough to hold a drivers license. Based in Spring Green, Wisconsin, they have created a niche all their own with their unique blend of restoration and integration of modern tech into vintage vehicles that have garnered awards such as multiple Chevrolet Best in Show awards, Goodguys Street Machine of the Year awards, Mothers’ Shine awards and a SEMA Battle of the Builders win in 2019. We’re fanboys, naturally, and can only hope that one day we’re lucky enough to intercept the key toss between Jim and Mike and ride away into the Wisconsin sunset in one of these creations. Until then, we’ll fawn over — and speculate about — the “35,000 combined build hours” that went into these new machines until they are released on November 1.

(3) The Ringbrothers in their Spring Green, Wisconsin shop. Photo by John Jackson.

(4) The Ringbrothers' 1948 Chevy Pickup Truck known as “ENYO” promises to be unlike anything they've ever built before.


1948 Chevrolet Pickup

Enyo was the goddess of violent war, according to Greek mythology, and since ENYO promises to be “a ’40s work truck meets Formula 1 racer” and the Ringbrothers’ “most extreme build yet” we see how the name is fitting. The original steel cab has been narrowed, lengthened, chopped and wedge cut, and the entire body crafted with carbon-fiber components, including a single-piece carbon-fiber belly pan seen in the teaser image above. The design incorporates race-inspired cantilevered independent suspension at all four corners and is powered by a 1,000-horsepower big-block marine racing engine.

(5) “ENYO,” a 1948 Chevrolet Pickup built by the Ringbrothers.


1972 K5 Blazer

This “big-tired and purpose-built ” Blazer will be powered by a 1,200-horsepower, supercharged Wegner Motorsports-built LS3, and with a triangulated four-link suspension with off-road racing coilovers, it will be a bully to reckon with both on road or off.

(6) “BULLY,” a 1972 K5 Blazer built by the Ringbrothers.


1969 Chevy Camaro

Since Laurie Strode was Jamie Lee Curtis’ character from the Halloween franchise, we think there may be a clue in this name. It’s no secret that the Ringbrothers utilize CAD and digital software like Solidworks to work out their designs prior to building, but STRODE promises to “exemplify stance and the remarkable work of digital design” so this one may be taking things a step further. STRODE will feature a widened, fully carbon-clad body and extended wheelbase, and a Wegner Motorsports-built LS3 topped with a 2.9-liter Whipple supercharger producing 1,000 horsepower. The final hint is in the “Ghost White paint” that “pays homage to STRODE’s origins.” Hmm… ghosts… Halloween… we may be on to something.

(7) “STRODE” a 1969 Chevy Camaro built by the Ringbrothers.


1969 Ford Mustang

Carroll Shelby is credited with helping Ford create the first high-performance Mustang, so there may be some allusion to him in the name of this one. This Mustang claims to be “built to play in the wind, minimizing rear-end drag with groundbreaking aerodynamic innovation.” PATRIARC will be powered by an Aluminator 5.2 XS engine — the most powerful naturally aspirated modular crate engine ever built by Ford Performance — and combined with a six-speed manual transmission, which we think would make Carroll Shelby pretty damn proud.

(8) “PATRIARC,” a 1969 Ford Mustang built by the Ringbrothers.

We’ll have a full report when these cars are released on November 1. Until then, here’s some past eye-candy to hold you over.

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