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The crew at AETHER Apparel are no strangers to adventure. They are known for building some of the most durable yet tastefully understated motorcycle and adventure apparel on the market. AETHER’s mantra is “you only get one spin,” derived from their belief that life is short, resources are scarce, and your time and money should be spent on things that will last. This is also why they believe in field-testing every piece of their gear as it was intended to be used. Their recent travels lead them to Oaxaca, Mexico — a city rich in culture, food, art, architecture, and also the epicenter of mezcal production; a complex and liquor made from the agave plant, similar to tequila. 


The vessel for this trip? The Harley-Davidson Pan America, a bike purpose-built for this type of on/off-road adventure. The crew were lead by their guide Oscar Peralta — businessman, race car driver, and vintage motorcycle collector, who was essential to the adventure, helping the Aether crew navigate the best routes and acting as a local tour guide.

Also along for the ride was Davide Berruto, a partner in the mezcal brand Madre Mezcal, who took the crew to two of the producers he works with to learn how mezcal goes from the fields to the glass. This process has been handed down from generation to generation and mezcal today is still produced much in the same way it was hundreds of years ago. Over the course of a week riding through Oaxaca’s countryside, the Aether crew gained intimate knowledge into the world of mezcal and an appreciation for the rich and beautiful culture of Southern Mexico.

This process has been handed down from generation to generation and mezcal today is still produced much in the same way it was hundreds of years ago.

There’s a reason AETHER refers to their gear as ‘The Uniform for the Restless.’ Every trip taken and every mile spent goes back into the innovation behind their products so that riders and adventurers can confidently go out into the world knowing their gear will do what it claims. Take a look below at some of the gear that the crew brought on the trip and hit the link below to read the full story over on Aether’s site.

Full Story at AETHER Apparel

01 AETHER Mojave Motorcycle Jacket

The Mojave Motorcycle Jacket is meant for warm days on the bike, constructed from 100% heavy-duty cotton canvas from Halley Stevensons®. The jacket features a poly mesh liner in the body to ensure breathability, while the sleeves are lined in poly. When the weather heats up, zippered chest, arm, sleeve, and back vents will keep you cool. For storage, there are dual-entry hand pockets, an interior zippered pocket, and a zippered back pocket to stash small necessities. A two-way front zipper allows the wearer to adjust the bottom hem while seated. Branded donut snaps with thumb loops on the front placket enable the rider to easily close the jacket with one hand, gloves on or not. Pair it with the Mojave Motorcycle Pant for a full suit. The Mojave Jacket is equipped with pads featuring D3O® technology at the elbow, shoulder, and back, all of which are CE-certified and completely removable.

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02 AETHER Mojave Motorcycle Pant

The Mojave Motorcycle Pant was designed with warm days on the bike in mind. Made from 100% heavy duty cotton canvas from Halley Stevensons®, it boasts a slim, straight fit with built-in knee articulation for comfort while riding. There are also breathable mesh pad pockets at the knee and hip, as well as an adjustable knee-pad pocket so you can adjust the placement to your liking. For storage there are zippered leg pockets, hand drop pockets, and back patch pockets. Pair it with the Mojave Motorcycle Jacket for a full suit. The Mojave Motorcycle Pant features the new, lighter, ventilated LP1 series D3O® armor at the knee and hip, all of which are CE-certified and completely removable.

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03 AETHER Moto Glove

These 100% leather motorcycle gloves are the perfect addition to your moto kit. Designed for the passionate rider, they feature a double layer of leather at the palm, thumb, and at the top of the fingers for extra comfort when on the bike. There is also a thin foam protection at the knuckles that serves as armor for your hands. An adjustable closure at the cuff allows you to fit the gloves to your liking and elastic at the wrist ensures a comfortable feel. The AETHER logo is embossed on the adjustable flap.

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04 AETHER Moto Boot

The AETHER Moto Boot is created from 100% vegetable-tanned Italian leather and is fully leather lined. It features internal D3O® ankle-protection pads for impact protection. The boot features a Vibram “Commando”-style sole with low-profile forefoot lugs, and a reinforced-leather shift-pad area on the vamp to prevent early wear-through from shifting. Constructing these boots with function in mind, we placed speed hooks at the top of the boot to help with quick lacing, and a finger-pull is stitched on the back for ease of putting on and taking off. The midfoot arch of the Vibram outsole is buttressed by the heel pad, which acts as a natural area for foot pegs. Additionally, the boot’s shaft construction allows easy flexing for shifting or walking. A heavy waxed-nylon blue thread is Blake-stitched through the Vibram sole, adding a pop of color.

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