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Gear Ride For Your Lives! The Epocalypse is Here …Evil Bike's first foray into the electric mountain bike realm is a bruiser of a ride that's ready to take on any and all terrains.

The Epocalypse from Evil Bikes is a badass unit of an electric mountain bike (eMTB) with an integrated battery, two 29” wheels, and a Shimano EP8 motor that produces 85Nm of torque. Taking inspiration from Evil’s big-wheeled enduro bike, the Wreckoning, the brand’s first e-bike features a twin triangle frame and its renowned Delta suspension system. What does that do?

We’ll let the folks from Evil explain via their website:

“The Delta system was conceived to … achieve very complex leverage rate curves that can be used to tune for varying track conditions, spring, and damper parameters.

Ultimately the design achieves a high degree of suppleness early in the travel, with a very predictable high traction stage through the middle and a bottomless ramp at the end of the travel.”

The Epocaplyse starts at $11,999, weighs 50.5 pounds, and has a fully-integrated 630Wh battery and a 42mm chainstay to provide riders with more versatility on steep climbs and pull ups on trials. Its handlebar design — The Energy Bar — was created to keep the cockpit tidy (unlike other e-bikes that look like their handlebars are puking up wires).

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