Shoe Oil


This conditioning oil with beeswax offers protection and preservation of leather in an easily penetrating formula. It is excellent for conditions when leather articles may not require a heavy-duty boot wax. This treatment defends leather against moisture, mildew, and rotting. It protects from the drying effects caused by work-place fuels, chemicals and mild acids. This wax-oil is ideal for general leather maintenance.

Not recommended for suede or white leather. May darken certain leather. Instructions for Use: Shake container well before using. Leather should be clean, dry and at normal room temperature or warmer for best results. Apply sparingly with a soft cloth. Rub dressing into leather with a circular motion. Apply as often as needed to restore and preserve leather.

Issue 032


In this issue, we explore the role of motorcycles in the theatre of war, get beaten up in Mexico with the Biltwell crew, ride the night away in L.A., ponder a battery-operated chopper, slide sideways to the podium privateer-style, get killed and patched in a virtual gangland, and wax nostalgic with Black Keys frontman Dan Auerbach.

And that's only half of the issue.

We ditch digital for some analog sound, get lost in the shadows with Valen Zhou, turn things way up with racer, engineer, and bassist Tamara Raye, and land in Morocco for some misadventure. 

This is 114 pages of custom motorcycles, adventure, craft, travel, fuel-culture, and storytelling that you won’t get anywhere else, all served up in a collectible, archive-quality format.