Surfboards Miniature Hollow Wood Surfboard Kit


Your very own miniature (scale 1'- 1") hollow wood surfboard kit. Shapes include a fish, mini-simmons and fun board. Includes laser cut cedar planks with the Grain logo burned right in, cedar rails and a plywood frame, glue, sandpaper, instructions and a book mark with more information on Grain. Build it yourself on your lunch-break or make it a fun evening project with your kids. Glues together with simple tape, rubber bands or binder clips for clamps.

Fun for surfers of all ages. Great stocking stuffer or fun gift for that surfer in your life who's longing for a little DIY project. Takes just minutes but will be around for a lifetime of mind surfing tiny waves.
Looking to add some value to your gift? Add on a Gift Certificate, save ten bucks and your mini-kit becomes a stepping stone towards giving your favorite surfer the board or experience of their dreams. Just close this and click on Gift Certificate and Mini Hollow Wooden Surfboard Kit.
Twig 8"
Guppy 6"
Toad 6"

Made in York ME

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