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Issue 036

Iron & Air

Welcome to Issue 036.

“The horseless vehicle is the coming wonder ... it is only a question of a short time when the carriages and trucks of every large city will be run by motors. The expense of keeping and feeding horses in a great city like New York is very heavy, and all this will be done away with ... you must remember that every invention of this kind which is made adds to the general wealth by introducing a new system of a greater economy of force.” - Thomas Edison, 1895

The 21st century’s “coming wonder” is undoubtedly the battery-electric vehicle. EVs have existed since Edison’s time but remained on the very fringes of the automotive industry for various reasons: unproven technologies, uninformed consumers, nonexistent charging infrastructure, and an overly influential oil industry among them. But now we desperately need a sustainable alternative to gas-powered vehicles, and the EV offensive has begun.

Enjoy Issue 036!

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