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Issue 037


Welcome to Issue 037.

Is there any other word that elicits as varied an emotional response as “family”? By definition it’s simple, but contextually, it unfolds in infinite ways. When the familial thread began to emerge in the content of this issue, we kept it at arm’s length, like a creepy uncle. The idea of branding this the “family issue” was endearing to some, and terrifying to others. However, each story kept landing on similar moments of intimate human connection. After we skirted around the idea, Greg — as he often does — finally called a spade a spade. The issue’s theme is Family.

In this issue, we explore families created and broken through motorcycling, highlight homages through custom builds, and see literal and figurative families made through the bond of worldly travel. No matter how it is formed — through blood, through friendship, or unexpected circumstance — or how much we try to avoid it, family always seems to be waiting for us in the strange places between love and trauma.

Enjoy Issue 037!

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