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Gear Porsche Tequipment Turns Your 911 into a Hotel RoomNow you can introduce your expensive high-performance sports car to the dangers of the great outdoors!

If you’re like most rational people, when you think of embarking on a road trip for an outdoor weekend getaway, you likely envision yourself packing the essentials and loading up your…uh…Porsche?


Some folks feel more at home affixing an add-on to their high-performance 911, Macan, Cayenne, Panamera, and Taycan than piling into an SUV or Airstream for an off-the-grid adventure.

If you happen to be one of those types of Porsche owners, then Porsche Tequipment belongs on your radar.

The $4,900 roof tent comes in a black/light grey or black/dark grey hardcase that securely installs on the car’s roof (with or without roof rails) and can turn your roof into a two-person hideaway with breathable cotton blend walls.

Other available comforts include an inner tent, insulated quilt lining, a heated blanket, a polyfoam mattress, and a shoe/bag organizer.

According to Porsche, setup is a breeze:

1. Open the lockable safety latches.
2. Lift and open the hardcase with the aid of two gas pressure shock absorbers.
3. Fold out the foot zone of the floor and stabilize the unit via an integrated telescopic ladder.
4. Erect the tent and make it taut with the four poles.


  • Length x width x height (folded): 146 x 140 x 33 cm
  • Length x width x height (extended): 258 x 257 x 118 cm
  • Weight: approx. 56 kg Maximum load when stationary3: approx. 190 kg (vehicles with roof rails) or approx. 140 kg (vehicles without roof rails)
  • Top speed with installed roof tent: 130 km/h (not with the tent up, though, please).

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