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Brick & Mortar

New destination. Same journey.

We’ve always been proponents of setting specific destinations as we’ve built Iron & Air. We’ve also believed in staying nimble so when the winds of change arrive, we are free to alter course and explore new opportunities and challenges. Three years ago, we partnered with Papa Wolf Supply Co. to open our own brick and mortar retail store. This was unknown territory for most of us. The store became a true destination — the physical embodiment of the Iron & Air ethos — yet the majority of our retail transactions still took place through e-commerce. Despite the vast offering of products that Iron & Air Supply Co. had available, our core products still made up the majority of sales — Iron & Air branded goods, collaboration products, and our magazine.

In 2018, parallel to these observations, something else was happening; brands like Indian, Converse, Toyota, Yamaha, SENA, Danner, and more were seeking us out as creative partners to produce custom content and brand projects for them. The winds of change were clear to us. Our nimble nature allowed us to cleanly pivot from retail and hone a focus that would better serve the future of Iron & Air, our audience, and our supporting partners. More on this to come...

As of today, our physical retail store in Portsmouth, NH will be closed. We will still be selling Iron & Air merchandise online, producing new designs, and collaborating on highly selective products throughout each year (check out our latest with Drive Coffee). Lucky’s Barber Shop will be expanding their operation in to the space we both shared, so the best haircuts on the seacoast will still be available. 

The Future

Iron & Air Magazine will remain the core of our business, and that won’t be changing. Instead, our magazine and content will only get better. We’ll be increasing our capabilities to create unique content for the magazine and our partner brands, and we’ll be broadening our team to support this endeavor. Feel free to send us examples of your creative work, sales experience, digital/web/AR expertise, etc., as we will have new employment opportunities throughout the year. 

We’d like to thank all of our retail partners that have helped to support us during the past three years, and tell everyone to stay tuned for what’s to come in 2019. You won’t want to miss this. 


Adam Fitzgerald
Editor-in-Chief, Iron & Air Media



Lucky's Barber Shop - Portsmouth, NH

A boutique two-chair backroom barbery experience with one of the best barbers in New Hampshire. Drop in for a full work-over, a tidy up, or simply a smooth and relaxing straight razor shave.

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