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For the past decade, Iron & Air has been creating and curating high-quality motorcycle lifestyle content and carefully arranging it into a 114-page, high-test, a high-quality quarterly journal called Iron & Air Magazine. Our publication lasts the test of time because we focus on chasing timeless stories about the motorcycle and the places it takes us and the people that make this culture great.

The Iron & Air audience are exacting in what they choose. They have a diverse set of interests that span many of the adjacent markets around motorcycling and are trendsetters in their social groups. Some of the key areas of interest outside of motorcycling are hiking, camping, cooking, automotive, photography, and travel. 

Iron & Air's content is inherently evergreen. We steer away from time-sensitive stories which encourages our audience to perpetually read and share our content. This focus creates great value for our subscribers but even more value for our advertisers. After surveying our audience, 94% of our magazine subscribers keep their magazines forever or pass them along to a friend. This means the content — including the advertising and sponsored editorial — lives on to be viewed over and over again for years to come. See below for some high-level audience data, more data points available upon request.

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