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Gear MotoGadget’s mo.Unit Blue Makes Custom Wiring Your Motorcycle Much Less AwfulUse this smartphone-sized hub to replace your fuse block with a solid-state microcontroller and for less stress when it's time to wire up your bike.

Ask just about anyone who’s built their own custom bike or restored a vintage motorcycle and they’ll name wiring as one of the biggest pains in the ass. Not that it’s all that hard. It’s just there’s no wiggle room. In a sense, electrical systems are kinda like math — there’s only one right answer, and it’s how you get there that matters. But despite schematics, color-coded wires, and more YouTube videos than a 10-year-old could watch on a rainy afternoon, wiring up a bike usually ends up with us unleashing a string of obscenities that would have impressed Ralphie’s dad from A Christmas Story.

No longer. Thanks to Motogadget’s mo.Unit Blue ($479), wiring your bike is now far less of a pain in the ass. This smartphone-sized hub replaces your fuse block with a solid-state microcontroller that manages and simplifies your bike’s electrical system by replacing the web of wires, relays, and modules with programmable, solid-state components. It even offers a self-correcting monitoring system for electrical faults. Sync it via Bluetooth with the m.Ride app and a slew of diagnostic and other features to make monitoring and repairs easier than ever.

Unlike a lot of modern gadgets, the mo.Unit Blue operates just fine on its own, letting you program and diagnose your electrical system using buttons without the app. No matter how you control it, the mo.Unit Blue offers features that a fuse box could only dream about. It has ten independent circuits that are digitally monitored and switched off, if it recognizes any faults.

Whether you use the app or not, the Mo.Unit Blue offers:

  • An integrated alarm that can be installed in any position
  • Digital horn relay
  • Load-independent integrated digital flasher relay that can be set for auto switch-off
  • Hazard and parking lights
  • High-beam flashing
  • Digital brake light modulator with an acceleration-controlled automatic emergency brake light
  • Starter relay with solenoid (up to 30A switched capacity)
  • Two additional Aux1 and Aux2 outputs
  • Automatic diagnostics for all circuits

Having all these features located in a single place is a godsend for bike builders and restorers. Run your electrical wiring through the mo.Unit Blue instead of a fusebox and you’ll save yourself hours of trial-and-error, not just in writing your bike up but also in diagnosing and fixing future electrical issues.

But tech-savvy fabricators will want to use the m.Ride app to access these features:

  • An encrypted connection that only you can actuate
  • Keyless electronics that turn on when you approach the bike
  • Alarm settings, including sensitivity and having notifications immediately sent to your smartphone
  • Diagnostics on all inputs and outputs including current, voltage, and temperature
  • Speedometer input, letting you set up a maintenance schedule by tracking mileage
  • Parking position notifications and vehicle finder
  • A digital logbook for recording and displaying trips, vehicle status, alarm events, and maintenance
  • Automatic firmware updates

Look, half the joy in building or restoration is figuring out problems and issues yourself. With the mo.Unit Blue, you can not only the guesswork out of deciphering your bike’s electrical system, but you can bring an older or home-built bike into the 21st century with a host of features old-timers can only dream about. With far less cussing.

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