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Automobiles Morgan Super 3: A Three Wheeler That’s Almost a Motorcycle & Not Quite a CarMorgan Motor's customizable 3-cylinder three wheeler was inspired by mid-century design.

Morgan Motor has redesigned its iconic topless three-wheeler. Where the original Morgan three-wheeler V-Twin took cues from 1920s design, the newly designed Super-3 takes its inspiration from the curvaceous lines of the jet era. The fresh monocoque design paired with a Ford-supplied 1.5-liter three-cylinder engine shows a significant departure from the original in terms of form and performance while still retaining the essence of Morgan’s quirky and adventurous spirit.

Morgan has created the Super-3 as a modular platform that allows for would-be owners the ability to tailor their Morgan to their personal preferences with more than 200 accessories available to choose from. With options like luggage from our friends at Malle London, navigation tools from Beeline, Quad-Lock accessory mounting solutions, graphics packs, and much more. They’ve also launched a configurator so you can build your dream ride. The plethora of custom options will surely make an already standout vehicle all the more unique.


We’ve always had an eye for the Morgan 3 wheeler and this new chapter looks incredibly promising for the niche automotive manufacturer. In a time when uncertainty about the future of the automotive industry is at an all-time high Chairman and CEO, Steve Morris said “We have developed this vehicle at a time when the industry, and the wider world, has been challenged beyond comprehension. Yet our engineering and design teams, along with our project partners, have been able to deliver a fitting new chapter to Morgan’s three-wheeled story.”

Morgan says that the Super 3 is “A mechanical connection to your machine and exposure to your surroundings. The sights, the sounds, the smells and vibrations. With every drive, your senses are heightened as you are forced to remain present and focused. This is motoring, this is Super 3.”

That sounds pretty great to us. When should we expect delivery?


Tech Specs 2022 Morgan Motor Super 3

Morgan Motor Super 3
  • Engine Ford 1.5-litre, inline three-cylinder
  • Gearbox Five-speed manual
  • Maximum power 118 bhp (87 kW) at 6500 rpm
  • Maximum torque 110 lb ft (150 Nm) at 4500 rpm
  • Acceleration 0-62 (0-100kph) 7 seconds (pending final certification)
  • Top speed 130 mph (209 kph)
  • Fuel economy (combined) 40 mpg (pending final certification)
  • CO2 emissions 130g/km
  • Dry weight 635kg
  • Length 3581mm
  • Width 1850mm
  • Height 1132mm

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