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Is the Mink 2.0 the Best Minimalist Teardrop Camper Available?From the outside it looks incredibly small — and it is — but it's packed with features and comfier than you might expect.

The Mink 2.0 is a teardrop camper built for people that travel light but refuse to sacrifice all comforts most of us have become accustomed to. The idea for the 2.0 — a follow-up from the Iceland-based company’s 2019 debut — was to mesh the intimacy of camping with a minimalist design that’s much comfier and tougher than it looks.

For starters, it’s … cozy, with overall dimensions around 13′ L x 6′ H x 6′ 8″ W and an outside shell made from hard plastic. What that means in terms of space is that you’re not getting a living room to spread out in or a bathroom. So when nature calls you’re heading into nature.

Inside the cabin, there’s about 9′ 2″ of space with ample perks: at 1,146 pounds, you can pull it with an electric vehicle or even a hatchback and still fit up to three people (two adults, one kid).

Interior Features

The interior houses a queen bed and memory foam mattress. Two side wall pockets and four USB ports allow for device charging and storage. The panorama skylight and two windows allow for plenty of natural light, with canvas blinds on all windows available when you’re looking for shade. In addition, you can turn storage space into a bunk bed if you don’t want to strap the kids’ mattress to the roof of the car.

Open-Air Kitchen

Pop the Mink camper door open, and you’re greeted with all you need to create a solid meal (though you might want to consider a Solo Stove and other camping essentials). There’s an ice chest, gas stove, 12v and 220v plugs, and enough “counter” space to lay out the food spread.

Pricing & Extras

Expect to shell out around $16,273 for the aforementioned features. Upgrades for purchase include a 150w solar panel ($850) to charge the battery, a Bose Bluetooth speaker, blankets, a heating system (roughly $1,475), a gas stove, and blankets.


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