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Issue 35


Welcome to Issue 035.

In this issue, we join James Barkman and his buddies as they face mechanical failures, dangerous weather, and an 
avalanche along their two-wheeled journey to Patagonia. We meet seemingly deathproof brothers Aaron and Shaun Guardado, who defied their father’s wishes when they bought their first motorcycles — only to later make their passion a part of the family business. And Shirley Muldowney shares the triumph and struggle of battling gender norms on the drag strip to become the first woman to earn an NHRA racing license — and championship glory.

We also interview cover artist Amanda Zito, and hip-hop duo Four Fists, and learn why industrial designer Sam Aguiar found his muse in a 1972 Harley-Davidson FLH, while Tim Klostermann chose to pursue a land speed record with something of a much smaller variety.

Enjoy Issue 035!

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