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Issue 34


Welcome to Issue 034.

“Resilience” is a theme in many stories we choose to tell; it shows in the things people build, how they act or react to circumstance, what they live for or are even willing to die for. The stories in Issue 034 are no exception.

We meet people like Janelle Kaz, John Shults, and Keith Baskett; Janelle fights animal trafficking in the jungles of Southeast Asia and beyond, John breathes new life into otherwise forgotten instruments, and Keith copes with the sudden death of his dad, taking to the road on a BMW R75/5, hell­bent on honoring his father’s final wishes. We celebrate a hippy designer from the ’60s who fought the wind and won,and showcase the photographic work of Shaun Daley, who “souped” his film in tequila — a testament to the resilience of an analog medium. Designer Alex Earle tests the resilience of his Ducati-based Alaskan, measuring his own abilities in the process, and we drive the Allrad Outlaw, an Emory­build Porsche 356 made to withstand the worst of East Coastwinters.

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