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INVENTORY Pick a Direction and Go: Gear for the Weekend WandererIn partnership with A round up of our favorite items for the everyday adventurer.

Winter’s icy grip has let up for most of us in the cooler climates, so it’s time to dust off that saddle, meet up with friends for a hike, or work off that winter weight by planning your next great adventure. We’ve pulled a few pieces of kit together that are inspiring us to stretch our legs and put down some meaningful miles this Spring. Now get out there.

01 Cardo Systems PACKTALK EDGE

We’ve long been proponents of in-helmet communication systems while riding. From staying in touch with the rest of your riding group, to being able to make or take an emergency call without stopping, or getting turn-by-turn directions, these systems can be literal life-savers. Cardo Systems has been perfecting the experience since 2004 and are world-leaders in communication systems for the motorcycle industry.

Cardo’s latest innovation comes in the form of the PACKTALK EDGE, the most advanced motorcycle comm system in the world. The 2nd gen of Cardo’s Dynamic Mesh Communication powers the PACKTALK EDGE, providing lightning-fast pairing for groups of up to 15 riders with a one-mile range. The unit features 40mm high-definition speakers engineered by JBL, with an improved music processor and three redesigned audio profiles along with a noise-cancelling microphone, so you’re able to stay focused on the road while enjoying clear and distraction-free communications inside your helmet.

And say goodbye to awkward, bulky units on the side of your helmet. The Cardo PACKTALK EDGE is updated with a slim, low-profile design without the need for a pop-up antenna, and attaches to the helmet via Cardo’s secure magnetic Air Mount. It also features “over-the-air” software updates and Fast-Charging so you can spend more time riding and less time waiting to get charged up.

Even if you’re a lone wolf, the PACKTALK EDGE has something for you. It connects via Bluetooth to your smartphone to deliver turn-by-turn directions, music, and allows you to take or make hands-free phone calls on the road with Cardo’s Natural Voice Operation engine. Just say “hey Cardo” and tell it what you want, your PACKTALK EDGE will do the rest.

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$283 Beeline Moto Metal Edition Buy Now

02 Beeline Moto Metal Edition

Riding offers us the opportunity to escape the screens and technology that plague everyday life. However, when on two wheels, the best modern answer to navigation has been more screens, in the form of handlebar-mounted GPS units or phone mounts. Enter the Beeline Moto device: an incredibly handsome, durable, and easy-to-use navigation system that points you in the right direction without any gaudy, complex setups. Most riders probably won’t even notice it’s there, which means it won’t detract from the aesthetic of your bike or your desire to disconnect.

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03 Two Wheels South

Matias Corea and Joel Estopà undertook a seven-month, 13-country, 20,000-mile journey from Brooklyn, New York, to the southernmost city in South America: Ushuaia, Argentina (read about their journey here). Their trip is covered in a beautiful, 272-page book that highlights their trip preparation, stories from the road, breathtaking photography, and personal insights. While Two Wheels South is not intended to be a how-to guide, it will inspire your approach to your next road trip and satiate the wanderlust in any traveler.

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(6) Photo of Two Wheels South

(7) Photo of Two Wheels South

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$119.95 Livsn Designs Flex Canvas Pants Buy Now

04 Livsn Designs Flex Canvas Pants

If you want to live in one pair of pants, look no further. Livsn Designs Flex Canvas Pants are made of a mix of duck canvas, organic cotton, recycled polyester, and a sprinkle of Spandex for some stretch. They feature a gusseted crotch, articulated knees, zippered pockets, discrete EDC pockets, a roll-up leg system, ventilation, and reinforcements at all stress points. They’re go anywhere, do-anything (or -nothing) pants that you’ll never want to take off.

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05 Nomad Goods Titanium Watch Band

If, like us, you’re an Apple Watch wearer and you can’t leave well enough alone, then a new strap is likely in your future — probably many new straps. While there’s nothing obviously wrong with the silicone strap that comes with the Apple Watch, it’s always good to have options for other occasions. Nomad Goods has just the thing in their ultralight, ultra-tough titanium metal link bracelet. It’s perfect for dressing your watch up a bit, and even comes with the tool you need to remove links to adjust the strap to your wrist size. The strap is designed to fit the Apple Watch Series 6, SE, and all previous versions.

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$119.95 Nomad Goods Titanium Watch Band Buy Now
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