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Gear GoPro’s Hero 11 Black Packs Powerful Punch in a Tiny PackageGoPro continues to make improvements to its action cams, this time with a taller sensor, the ability to shoot 5.3K video, auto-generated highlight reels, and a Mini version.

Two new GoPros are hitting the scene in the near future: the Hero 11 Black and the GoPro Hero Black Mini.

First, the Hero 11 Black …

The sensor is larger and will provide better image stabilization and higher resolution images  (24.7 megapixels from stills or video) via 8:7 ratio at 5.3K. The ratio comes into play when you want to crop and share to multiple destinations — vertical/portrait mode for Instagram and TikTok, but also wide formats that won’t piss off the old-school GoProers. You also gain access to 8x slo-mo with 2.7K resolution. 4K resolution gets you 4x the slo-mo. The cost: $499.

As for the Hero 11 Black Mini …

It’s smaller — hence the Mini — and comes with dual mounting fingers; this means you can cram it into tighter spots for different angles and viewpoints than its larger relative.

The Hero 11 Black Mini also ditches the LCD display but comes are a lower price point at $399. But you’re not giving up anything in terms of quality: You get the same video performance as the flagship cam in a smaller package. It’s also wrapped in a “tough outer shell” to protect it from being wrecked when you tumble down rock-covered mountains.

Another cool feature: highlight vids sent to your phone automatically.

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