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Automobiles Meet the Self-Proclaimed “World’s Strongest Truck Topper” from Go Fast CampersThe GFC Platform Topper has an 800-pound roof load rating and some extras that add to its use.

Go Fast Camper‘s wildly entertaining walkaround video — embedded at the bottom of this post) —promoting the strength of “El Taparino” gives us a in-depth look at GFC’s durable truck topper while simultaneously reminding us that all promo videos don’t have to be super shitty and boring.

First, what’s a truck topper? It’s an external component you can add to your existing truck for added security and protection; it does things such as keep your tools and belongings hidden and provide added security (skip to 4:26 in the video at the bottom of the page to see how the aluminum panels hold up when a fairly large rock gets hurled at it).

However, GFC’s Topper is billed as “the lightest, strongest, most versatile truck topper ever made.”

This means that it’s lighter than most fiberglass toppers yet also has a pressure-formed aluminum space frame that won’t “crack, rattle, or break.”

More about the GFC Topper:

  • It has an 800-pound roof load rating.
  • You can mount accessories on all sides via a T-track load halo surrounding the roof.
  • The crossbars above cab height allow for the carry of long loads.
  • All-aluminum locking panels surround the sides and rear of the truck.
  • Use of Cabana Mode supplies shade when needed.
  • A translucent honeycomb roof allows light to come in but keeps heat out.

Watch the vid to see their attempts to break their own product. Even if you don’t watch the video, check out the impressive beard on that guy’s chest!


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