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Gear Freetech’s Long-Range E-Bike Will Watch the Road for YouA trippy electric bike with super smart features and ultra-fast charging can take you 175 miles and charge in 15 minutes.

Imagine a smart electric bike so freaking smart that it has the ability to not only get you from Austin to Houston on a single charge — aka half the time it takes to watch one episode of Cobra Kai — but also allows you to enjoy the ride while it watches the road for you.

E-bike startup Freetech has developed a way to ride safer and smarter with its new and technologically advanced e-bike, which can travel up to 175 miles on a single 15-minute charge and alert you to any potential road hazards as you trek through the highways, mountains, even just navigating through the busy city streets.

The San Diego-based research and development company is hoping to make this possible, thanks to its Advanced Driver Assistance System (ADAS). Think of it as some sort of a technological secret service, watching you from all angles and blind spots while you enjoy the ride.

The Freetech e-bike comes in two sizes: a 32-pound lightweight carbon fiber frame model, which is ideal for climbing and acceleration, and a 40-pound, aluminum eco-friendly version suited for more high-impact rides.

Both come with 27-inch wheels, and reach max speeds of 25 miles per hour, which may not break any speed records but can travel up to 175 miles when in economy mode, or 100 miles when in sport mode all on a single charge, thanks to the e-bikes detachable graphene lithium batteries, which is said to charge more than 18 times faster than a standard lithium-ion battery.

But what separates the Freetech ride is its ADAS system, a system of GPS, radar, and front and rear cameras that can detect vehicles from all angles, even those not covered by the rear view, up to 170 meters away.

The bike also includes:

  • Anti-theft system
  • Smart Lock
  • Smart Location Tracking
  • Crash Detection
  • Front and rear dash cameras
  • Sensors including GPS, speed,motion, radar, torque
  • Brake lights, taillights, among the multitude of lights
  • A Freetech mobile app, which is equipped with a speedometer and odometer.
  • You can lock and unlock, even record your entire ride with both front and rear-dash cameras.

    Price & Availability

    Starting at just under $1,900, you can own your own Freetech e-bike when it’s scheduled to be released in March 2023.

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