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Automobiles Screw Glamping! THIS is How to Add Style & Comfort to Adventure CampingForma camper has a new hotel room on wheels that maximizes the minimalist outdoor camping experience.

If you’re a glamper, the Forma camper — and, honestly, most of what we cover here on I&A — isn’t for you.

However, for the rest of us who dig adventure camping and don’t mind roughing it in the outdoors (sans a Yeti attack) without leaving a crater-sized carbon footprint, here’s a stylish option: Forma camper.

As more people search for more eco-friendly hospitality options as they hit the highways for outdoor getaways, Latvian-based Formatech has introduced campers in hopes of tapping into the resurgence of the iconic 20th-century teardrop trailer with 21st-century amenities.

From about ’30s to the early ’70s, the compact and towable teardrop sleeping vessel was a road-touring option for those not wanting to be holed up in a hotel or wanting to pitch a tent, till the RV revolution and its gas-guzzling motel monstrosity came along and took over campgrounds nationwide.

Now, Forma’s 13.3 x 6.5 x 6.5-foot travel trailer is an on-road adventurer’s dream come true while staying true to environmental-conscious travelers. Its sandwich-style
composite panels with its aluminum outer layers make it significantly stand out from those traditional teardrops. Interior-wise, you’re looking at more space, more modern amenities to have you thinking you’re in a four-star hotel, not the side of a road or public campground.

When you open the Forma Camper’s gullwing entry, you’re able to enter the spacious sleeping area and fold-down hatch, which also can double as an on-location office with table and desk.

Plenty of sunlight is available, as both doors feature long side windows; not to mention the spacious skylight that allows for nighttime starlight gazing.

Coolest of all, perhaps, the hatch can serve as a pass-through to the trailer’s kitchen, equipped with a stainless-steel countertop and sink, not to mention several electrical outlets and LED lighting. There’s also enough space underneath the kitchen worktop to put in a mini fridge or cooler.

At a base price of about $16,950 — the equivalent of spending six three-day weekends at a Denver Four Seasons (or about 46 weekends at a Comfort Inn), the Forma Camper is a perfect long-term investment for conservation-conscious outdoorsmen who plan on traveling for years to come.

To get one to your liking, you’re better off heading to Forma’s website and tossing them instructions to obtain a customized offer.


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