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Travel & Adventure Exploring Ecuador on Two-Wheels Will Test Your Personal LimitsKaycee Landsaw and best friend Billy Anderson have made it a point to test their personal limits — and Ecuador came close to breaking them.

Billy Anderson and I go back almost two decades to when we spent the majority of our time wandering back alleyways in search of new skate spots. Fast forward almost 20 years and not much has changed — just the locations. For the last eight years we have lived in different states and have made it a point to meet somewhere around the world to keep the adventure alive and going. Never have these trips been about sitting back, relaxing, and enjoying the sunshine. Instead, we always opt for the road that takes you a little further, and off the grid a little more. We seem to always find ourselves in the types of places that bring up the same old phrase: “If our mothers only knew where we hang out.” Ecuador was no exception.  

We rented two Husqvarna 701s, packed them to the brim, and set out in search of dirt roads and trails that would take us through the Andes mountain range for five days. With around 1,200 kilometers mapped out, we made our way through volcanic regions and forgotten villages sunk deep in the mountains, and eventually ended up in the Espeletia fields of the northern border, where Ecuador meets Colombia.

Photo Essay Ecuador on Two Wheels: A Photo Essay

Ecuador on Two Wheels: A Photo Essay

Special thanks to Kaycee Landsaw and Billy Anderson for sharing their experience with us. Follow Kaycee below. 

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