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INVENTORY Electric Explorers: Gear for the EV AdventurerIn partnership with An EV UTV is a great way to hit the trails for a day. Here's some additional gear to stretch the most out of your adventure.

We’re no strangers to testing the latest EV machines on the market, and our recent jaunt with the Volcon Grunt scratched our itch for off-road EV adventure machines. While gas-free adventure bikes might not be everyone’s cup of Lithium-ion (maybe don’t drink that), there’s a lot of fun to be had with these machines. Best of all, you can hit the trails silently without disturbing wildlife (or ornery locals) to go hunting and fishing, camping, or to even catch waves at a remote surf spot. With that in mind, we’ve selected some go-to goods for stretching the most out of your EV adventures.

01 Volcon Grunt

Of course you’ll need to start with the right machine. We recently took the Volcon Grunt for some off-roading, and have to say this is a promising platform for the everyday explorer. The Grunt features 60-volt electric motor and 2.0KWH lithium-ion battery producing 75 pound-feet of torque, and can travel for up to 75 miles on a charge. The unique frame design allows for the carrying of an additional spare battery to extend the adventure. Hydraulic disc brakes provide plenty of stopping power while inverted front forks and adjustable coil-spring suspension combined with the 28″x8″ tires make for a comfy ride on any terrain.

Volcon Grunt
$5,999 (not including accessories shown) Volcon Grunt Volcon Grunt
$285 MSRP Volcon Grunt Utility Rack Shop Volcon Accessories

02 Volcon Grunt Utility Rack

With the Grunt’s 400-lb weight capacity (and adjustable rear suspension dampening to boot), you can carry all the gear you need easily with the optional Utility Rack and Tray. The rack is 13″ x 17″ and with multiple attachment opportunities for luggage, hard cases, coolers, and more, you can get what you need to wherever you’re going. No additional drilling needed. Simply attach the rack with the supplied hardware to the mounting points on the Grunt and you’re off to the races…er, trails.

Volcon Grunt Utility Rack

03 Goal Zero Venture 35 + Lighthouse 600 + Nomad 10 Kit

It seems silly not snag some juice from the biggest source of energy in our solar system while we’re exploring. For that, there is Goal Zero, the industry leader when it comes to solar equipment for outdoor industry. The weatherproof and highly durable Venture 35 power bank  from Goal Zero pairs with a Nomad 10 solar panel to keep your accessories powered up and ready for action. Add in the Lighthouse 600 rechargeable lantern to light up your nights, and you’ve got yourself a sun-powered, space-saving kit to keep your most important needs met while out on the trails.

Goal Zero
$205 Goal Zero Venture 35 + Lighthouse 600 + Nomad 10 Kit Goal Zero
$125 MSRP Volcon Sport & Accessory Mount Shop Volcon Accessories

04 Volcon Sport and Accessory Side Mount

Giving the Volcon more carrying power makes it a much more useful UTV so you carry your gear into hard to reach places. This adjustable side mount and carrier attaches to the side beam of the Grunt to carry your gun, bow, surf board — or even guitar case, you hippie.

Shop Volcon Accessories

05 BioLite CampStove 2+

When the sun has set and you still need some juice, why not convert some campfire heat to electricity while you’re at it? We love that you can grill, boil, cook, and charge with this fully integrated kit from BioLite. The CampStove 2 uses wood (sticks or scrap wood) as fuel — no more toting dangerous, cumbersome propane canisters on the trails. Patented combustion technology turns the heat from the fire into energy to charge your devices. Add the KettlePot and Grilltop and you’ve got all you need to cook like a chef when on the road.

BioLite CampStove 2+
$112 BioLite CampStove 2+ BioLite CampStove 2+
Inventory is a weekly round-up of gear, goods, and more that we curate, use, and love.

This week’s Inventory was supported by Volcon ePowersports.

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