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Iron & Air

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Issue 046

Art & Design Vol. 3: Variant Cover Edition

If for some strange reason you’ve ever asked yourself, “What happens when you mix colorful chainsaws, VR technology from the 1850s, a Bōsōzoku motorcycle gang from "New Earth," and a 600-horsepower, six-wheeled, V-16 Fiat from 1929?” — Well, the third iteration of the Iron & Air Art & Design issue answers that question. And if not, hold on to your butts, because you’re in for a hell of a ride.

Why create an entire issue dedicated to art and design when we're supposed to be a motorcycle magazine? Well, if you haven't noticed by now, we're not really a "motorcycle" magazine. The Art & Design issue is meant to subvert expectations — to keep things interesting. It's a way to explore ideas and concepts removed from our perceptions of what an object should do or shouldn't do. This exploration is for the mind: to open doors and expand how we think, to pose more questions than answers, and to create an environment for creativity to flourish and see what was once unseen.

Like any great adventure, we believe you should come out the other side with a new perspective. Whether that exploration is around cars, motorcycles, music, travel, art, or design, we're here to kick the tires.

This issue is about discovering the curious places between fantasy and reality, and the creative spirits that challenge us to see the world differently. We’ll get stereographic with Chris Sickels, eat sawdust with Maxwell Paternoster, ride 'til our skin falls off with Stay Outside, get comfy with Tokuhiko Kise from TRUCK Furniture, and once again, go where we’ll hopefully still need roads with our "Bike to the Future" feature.

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