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Issue 029

Iron & Air

 In 1964, media theorist Marshall McLuhan put forth his philosophy: "The medium is the message." McLuhan argued, "It is the medium that shapes and controls the scale and form of human association and action." He described a simple light bulb as such: "It is a medium without a message...whether the light is being used for brain surgery or night baseball is a matter of indifference. It could be argued that these activities are in some way the ‘content’ of the electric light, since they could not exist without the electric light."

The motorcycle is much the same...

We get heady 
af in this issue but it's not all straight-faced emojis and Zen lessons. We have a ton of fun as we take you on a curious journey through the culture of craft and motorcycling. Saddle up and devour all the great things we've managed to pack in this issue.

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