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Issue 028

Iron & Air

Old western films would have you believe that grit comes on the rind that collects during chaw-fueled days on the road — it doesn’t. It comes from within, surfacing in moments of perseverance and courage in the face of hardship.

Grit is an admirable but virtually indefinable attribute, and we understand it best when we see it in individuals who inspire us. Like Raajib Sayami, who is steadfast in his mission to create a motorcycle oasis in the most unlikely of places (page 016). Or Natalie Bergman, a phenomenal singer who hopes her art and music help guide those who feel lost (page 044). Or Lauren Trantham, an abused woman who selflessly stared brutality in the face, listened to those who wanted their story told, and gave them a voice (page 068).

We strive to surround ourselves with men and women who have grit. It isn’t particularly hard to do in the motorcycling scene, a culture populated by an inordinate number of driven and creative individuals who grind against the odds in order to grow.

Road racer Kevin Schwantz summoned otherworldly talents to push boundaries and become world champion (page 080). Brothers Jake and Zach Hindes went above and beyond expectations to build a beautiful, one-of-a-kind Knucklehead (page 088). Designer Lindsay Ross reeled in his fervent imagination to realize a vision that had long haunted him (page 100). Builder Dustin Kott simply did something he said he’d never do (page 008).

Individuals like this challenge us to better ourselves, travel inward, and discover whether or not we have grit. It is a beautiful idea we chase through life and through these pages. We invite you to do the same.

This is Issue 028.

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