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Issue 036


The 21st century’s “coming wonder” is undoubtedly the battery-electric vehicle. EVs have existed since Edison’s time but remained on the very fringes of the automotive industry for various reasons: unproven technologies, uninformed consumers, nonexistent charging infrastructure, and an overly influential oil industry among them. But now we desperately need a sustainable alternative to gas-powered vehicles, and the EV offensive has begun.

Issue 036 documents this moment in time and describes the massive cultural shift to come. We detail two fantastic, all-electric custom builds: a stunning Alta-based motorcycle from Walt Siegl and a rust-covered 1949 Mercury Coupe converted by Icon. We reflect on the efforts of inventor Mike Corbin, who in the ’70s showed the world how fast electric motorcycles could be. We sit down with Zero Motorcycles — America’s most-established EV motorcycle manufacturer — and ask how it will ramp up to survive in a rapidly maturing market.

We also take a hard look at the current shortcomings of EV technology and infrastructure, and examine the near-term solutions that will make EVs easier to adopt, and preview seven EV startups, each taking advantage of today’s low barriers to entry to offer unique two-wheel machines.

Embrace change and explore what's ahead in Issue 036.

114 pages of custom motorcycles, adventure, craft, travel, fuel-culture, and storytelling that you won’t get anywhere else, all served up in a collectible, archive-quality format.