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Thor: The Arctic Sled

Thor: The Arctic Sled

Thor: The Arctic Sled

Injustice Custom's BMW R nine T Urban G/S 


 Words Michael Hilton Photos Alex Aalto


Last year Anton Knutsson of Injustice Customs rode a custom tracker through the Pyrenees mountains, the Alps, and back to his home in Sweden. “It was an incredible trip,” he says, but he knew how much more enjoyable the adventure would have been if he was on a bike better suited to the terrain.

Knutsson then decided to make his ideal adventure bike, something with long-travel suspension and powerful lighting.  He says, “I wanted it to be similar to a ‘desert sled’ but in Sweden, you’re looking at winter for half the year so I wanted it to be good for snow and unpaved roads - an arctic sled.” He decided on a BMW R nine T Urban G/S as the perfect foundation and started building.

"It was important to me to make sure I didn’t compromise on the riding experience,” Anton says, which is why he kept premium features like ABS, traction control, and heated grips. He added soon-to-be-released Öhlins Blackline suspension and fabricated a new two-into-one exhaust that snugly hugs the bike's shape.

 German company Ilmberger Carbon molded a new carbon-fiber tank and fender, and UK company Image Design painted them with a transparent camouflage finish. Tom Fuller from Image Design talks about the process: “It’s a challenge when you tackle carbon fiber — it often has lots of pinholes, which affects the paint — but the carbon fiber from Ilmberger was really high quality and made things much easier. First, we used a transparent sealer, then layered the paint many times over to get the camo look. After building up the layers, we sanded it back to remove the edges. Finally, the top coat is a ‘denim’ lacquer, which is matte but buffs up in high wear areas, just like a pair of jeans.”

Anton finished his build with a big, bright Trail Tech headlight, which required custom headlight ring made in Sweden, machined from aluminum and anodized satin black. Anton often infuses his love of Sweden and Nordic culture into the fabric of his bikes. He says, “As a direct result of where I’m from and the functionality of the bike, I had to name it after the Norse god Thor.”

With a powerful presence like Thor’s hammer, Anton’s creation combines striking good looks with rider-focused performance for a bike that should make any trip up a mountain pass a highly enjoyable adventure.


Suspension: Öhlins Blackline  Triple tree: Injustice Customs Frame: OEM Exhaust: Hand-made from titanium by Injustice Customs with SC-Project muffler Brakes: Beringer front calipers, waved disks Paint: Image Design, transparent camouflage on carbon fiber Body: Carbon-fiber tank and fender by Ilmberger Carbon




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