The Moto Roundup

The Moto Roundup

The Moto Roundup 

June 1, 2018

Iron & Air Staff

The web is full of custom machines that are deserving of spreads in Iron & Air Magazine. We have have a finite number of pages to print on, but luckily we have infinite pixels to populate here for your viewing pleasure. Here's some of our favorite bikes from around the web.

1974 CB750K - Nick Acosta

A canine ruined Nick Acosta’s original vision for this 1974 CB750K. When a dog tried to catch his wheel on a routine cruise, Nick was forced to lay down his precious build. Man's best friend wasn't exactly that for Nick, but to our benefit, the updated version of this CB750K is all bark and all bite. 

Full story at Bike EXIF.



Honda CT70 Scrambler - Classified Moto
The fine folks at Classified Moto have been up to plenty good lately, and if you've kept up with their hit YouTube show, RESTRICTED, you'll know this little CT70 was built from to run on dreams...well, sort of. Get the full scoop at Pipeburn, then come back and watch the show

Classified Moto / Instagram / YouTube / Photos Adam Ewing

Full story at Pipeburn.


Yamaha XSR700 - Workhorse Speed Shop
Meet Sakura, a Yamaha XSR700 built commissioned by Yamaha Europe for their Yard Built program. Brice Hennebert, of Workhorse Speed Shop, built this bike to compete in the Sultans of Sprint 1/8th Factory Class race. It's hard to believe this bike could be considered part of any factory class, but incredibly, it just barely skates by. Read the full article to get the details at Bike EXIF.

Workhorse Speedshop / Facebook / Instagram / Photos Operation Panda

Full story at Bike EXIF


1982 BMW R45 - JM Customs
JM Customs shop owner James Moir sets out to "build functional motorcycles that are built to last." This BMW R45 had been left for dead for over a decade, so the JM Customs crew tore it down to it's bare essentials and reinvigorated the tired machine. Get the full build details over at Return of the Cafe Racers.

JM CustomsInstagram 

Full story at Return of the Cafe Racers.





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