The Moto Roundup Vol. 2

The Moto Roundup Vol. 2

The Moto Roundup Vol. 2

June 8, 2018

Iron & Air Staff

The web is full of custom machines that are deserving of spreads in Iron & Air Magazine. We have have a finite number of pages to print on, but luckily we have infinite pixels to populate here for your viewing pleasure. Here's some of our favorite bikes from around the web.

Yamaha SR400 - BCR Designs

While stuck in traffic, Benjie Flipprboi of BCR Design wondered what a bike built specifically for lane splitting might look like. The result is this trim Yamaha SR400 that can easily slide through the tightest morning rush hour traffic. We'd fire this arrow right up the 405...

Full story at Pipeburn.


Triumph Thruxton R - deBolex Engineering

The industrious Brits over at deBolex Engineering have been consistently dropping clean and inventive customs with details for days. This track-ready Triumph Thruxton R is no exception.

deBolex Engineering / Facebook / Instagram / Photos Tom Horna Autohouse London / Film  Wolli Films
Full Story On BikeEXIF


Honda Enduro Mashup - Slipstream Creations

When a 13-year-old’s imagination takes a detour from boobies and Snapchat to turning the bins of discarded moto parts around your house into an actual motorcycle, you capitalize on that special moment and build a bike with your son. The Slipstream Creations Retro Honda Enduro Chimera was built by owner James Fawcett and his son. The result is a factory-looking mutt made from SL, CL, CB, and XR parts powered by a 125cc single that’ll make you feel like a kid again.

Full Story On Silodrome


Supercharged Triumph Thruxton R  - Mellow Motorcycles

Mellow motorcycles has built a supercharged Triumph Thruxton R dragbike that is anything but mellow. This low-slung fully faired asphalt eater has been racing through our dreams so much that we've been waking up windblown. It's either that or the long nights putting together the magazine...

Mellow Motorcycles / Facebook / Instagram / Photos Grant Evans/Triumph Motorcycles, Patrick Sauter, and Christine Gabler
Full Story On BikeEXIF





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