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Ruroc Atlas 3.0

Ruroc Atlas 3.0

This past fall we had a chance to ride the Harley Davidson Livewire up Mt Washington, right in our backyard to commemorate the 46th anniversary of when Mike Corbin did it on the world's first ever, street legal electric motorcycle. When we posted that story online and in Issue 41, we had several people reaching out, asking us about what helmet we were wearing. Enter the Ruroc Atlas 2.0 Ghost. A few weeks prior, our friends at Ruroc sent us some helmets to test out and this was our maiden voyage with them as we ascended one of the sketchiest roads in  America.

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Ruroc has a unique story. They started out making snow sports helmets and the designs caught the attention of Formula 1 pit crews. This popularity in motorsport snowballed into a foray in motorcycling. There are a ton of brands out there that make a great motorcycle helmet and get the job done. There are others, like Ruroc, that set out to make lids with a little more character. Ruroc does just that, with both design and mild to wild colorways and built-in tech to boot.

This week is a big one for Ruroc, they are releasing their Atlas 3.0 which promises to improve upon some of the things that we had qualms with on the 2.0 version. Mainly the interior liner and the wind noise were big gripes. The liner on the 2.0 lacked the robust feeling we have seen on helmets in a similar price range. And while we love the integrated bluetooth connectivity and sound, the wind noise made it hard to hear at highway speeds. The Ruroc crew took aim at these issues and completely redesigned the liner to be up to spec with the top-of-the-line helmet manufacturers. They also spent time in the wind tunnel, fine tuning the aerodynamics to cut down on wind noise and turbulence. 

Aside from the things we disliked, there were many things that we loved about the helmet which also benefited from improvements on the 3.0. The Shockwave integrated bluetooth system slots right into the back of the helmet with easy to reach controls, integrated speakers and microphone. The 3.0 Atlas Shockwave system comes with a much needed feature addition: passenger communication. Previously you could only listen to music and answer phone calls, so this is a welcome improvement. A few other noteworthy improvements are: all new edge to edge visor for increased visibility, demist visor position and T-300 carbon fiber construction, which makes these helmets are lightweight, even with the integrated bluetooth installed.