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Nitro Circus: You Got This Tour

Nitro Circus: You Got This Tour

Nitro Circus: You Got This Tour

Pastrana's band of hooligans tear the literal room off their latest tour.


 Words & Images Adam Fitzgerald

Nitro Circus is the brainchild of co-founder Travis Pastrana and his band of happy hooligans. Since 2003, Travis and friends have been throwing up a giant middle finger in the face of death for the sake of our entertainment.

The current tour titled “You Got This” recently rolled through our home town, so we hopped the fence and got up and close to the action. “You Got This” is the first Nitro Circus show to be held outdoors. We toured the space before the show kicked off, walking the ramps and standing face-to-face with the “Giganta ramp” that launched riders five stories into the air.

“You Got This” brought an all-star cast of athletes from FMX, BMX, skateboarding, as well as several X-Games medalists. Some big names included Ryan Williams, Beau Bamburg, Gregg Duffy, Todd Meyn, Jed Mildon, Kurtis Downs, Jarryd McNeil, Ethen Roberts, and newcomer Vicki Golden, who stole the spotlight in the FMX arena.

Hijinks were aplenty with Giganta launching recliners, powerwheels, trash receptacles, and a rocking horse sky high past pyrotechnics to imminent doom below. The beer guzzling, ax-wielding Trevor Piranha — a bizarro counter figure to Travis Pastrana — brought out the backwoods insanity with his three-wheeler and roll cage motorcycle stunts, and us New Hampshire folk loved it.

“You Got This” wraps up the tour this weekend in Chicago, but there are still plenty of opportunities to catch some of the action. Evel Live 2, the follow-up to Travis Pastrana’s Evel Live, will be taking place in San Bernadino, California on July 7th, and Nitro Circus Las Vegas is set to take residency this year.

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