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Maidstone Fat Bob

Maidstone Fat Bob

Fat Bobbin'

Bad ideas aplenty when the Maidstone crew gets ahold of the new Fat Bob. 

WORDS Iron & Air Staff & Maidstone Harley-Davidson  IMAGES Stephanie Staff

The kind folks over at Maidstone Harley-Davidson in the UK are probably not your typical dealership. When they got their hands on the new Harley-Davidson Fat Bob, instead of pounding the pavement as most sensible people would, they wanted to put it through its paces in a completely different way that would really test the new Milwaukee machine. 

Having resident flat track rider Grant Martin on hand made the bad decision making even easier.

“At the start of the day I was a little bit nervous about jumping on the new Fat Bob and taking it straight to the dirt,” admits Grant. “I rolled around the track a few times to get accustomed to the controls but in typical Harley fashion.  They are really neat and simple so this didn't take long."


“I never dreamt a bike this big would put up with what we did on it..."

Grant heaved the 700-lb beast over jumps, gnarly turns, steep hills, several different types of terrains and even through a mud bath. “I never dreamt a bike this big would put up with what we did on it. Somehow, Harley has put together a 700-lb motorcycle that feels nimble enough to throw around like a toy. We used the bigger 114-cubic inch model of the Fat Bob and it had super smooth power delivery and pulls like a dream. This Harley, except the awesome sounding RaceFit exhaust, was completely stock, including the tires!”


To the folks at Maidstone Harley-Davidson, keep up the good work and the bad ideas.


Special thanks to Stepanie Staff for providing these shots. Follow Steph here.