“Gone Riding.”

“Gone Riding.”

“Gone Riding.” 

Iron & Air and SENA blow off work and enjoy some words with friends … on motorcycles.


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Nature waits for no man. We see it in the changing leaves and shorter days, as winter starts its slow reprise. On the nicest days of Fall, we feel compelled to flip the sign in the storefront window to “Gone Riding,” shucking responsibilities to feel the wind in our faces.

Most recently we rode the beautiful coastal and mountain roads of Maine and New Hampshire up to Mount Agamenticus, a landmark for sailors crossing the Atlantic. Though the elevation only reaches 692 feet at its summit, the park is one of Maine’s most biodiverse areas and offers over 30,000 acres of hiking, biking, and — much to our delight — ATV trails to explore. 

“Off road, the helmet allowed the rider in front to communicate back essential information like felled trees, deep mud, and fart jokes.”

Each of us wore the all-new SENA Savage, a low-profile, three-quarter helmet with an integrated communication system. Off road, the helmet allowed the rider in front to communicate back essential information like felled trees, deep mud, and fart jokes. Once the jokes stopped smelling so great, we searched for pavement and started down the Maine coast into New Hampshire. 

We were surprised by how well we could hear each other on our way to Rye Beach. Even at 50 mph, we could converse without screaming. A quick bit of research on SENA's site revealed an integrated mic in the front upper rim of the helmet that uses Advanced Noise Control™ technology to mitigates road and wind noise. A tasteful, appreciated approach, far better than those foam-covered microphones that protrude in front of your face and make you look like a backup singer for N’SYNC.

SENA didn't sacrifice safety for the smart functionality, they only made it better. Even though the tech is integrated into the helmet, the liner is still removable and washable. The composite fiberglass shell and multi-density EPS layer provide all of the safety one expects from a modern three-quarter helmet. The battery life is a claimed 11 hours of talk time, and we were out on our bikes for a solid eight without issue. (We can’t speak to the last three, but we’ll let your iron ass figure that out.)

Iron & Air has been using SENA Bluetooth units for years now, and they’ve helped our crew avoid potential crashes by quickly communicating with other riders. The Savage and SENA's new line of integrated and connected helmets represent a big step forward for the brand and a foolproof plug-and-play solution for anyone in the market for a smart helmet.

Our suggestion? Grab your gear and get in those last few rides before Old Man Winter starts freezing your digits. Work will always be there, but the same can't be said for the perfect riding day. 


This collaborative content was produced in partnership between Iron & Air Media and SENA.




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