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FTR™ 1200 Accessory Collection

FTR™ 1200 Accessory Collection

Introducing the FTR™ 1200 Accessory Collection.

Iron & Air
 gathered world-class riders from every corner of motorcycling, put them in the saddle of each new FTR™ 1200 accessory collection and asked them to share their thoughts in an unfiltered glimpse of the newest American motorcycle.


WORDS & IMAGES Iron & Air Media / Jeff Stockwell


Five months ago, we received a call at the Iron & Air HQ from our friends at Indian Motorcycle. We learned the highly anticipated FTR™ 1200 would be receiving a top secret accessory package that would be unveiled at EICMA in November. Iron & Air was asked to help tell the story of each collection, and today, they are finally unveiled. Head to your local dealer to grab a hard copy of the Iron & Air Media + Indian Motorcycle Accessory Collection special edition booklet.

Four Collections. Unlimited Possibility.

“Different songs, depending on your mood” is how one rider described the FTR™ 1200’s four collections: Tracker, Rally, Sport, and Tour. The FTR™ 1200 is a bike built to be yours, with a sprawling catalog of more than 40 parts and accessories. The four collections curate pieces for your favorite type of riding, but you can also pick and choose and customize to your heart’s content. 

The FTR™ 1200 Tracker collection looks like it rolled right off a TT course, and the FTR™ 1200 Rally collection is made for lonely camp sites on forgotten forest roads. The FTR™ 1200 Sport collection is a no-nonsense assembly of speed parts, underscoring the bike’s performance, while the FTR™ 1200 Tour collection outfits the bike with luggage and wind protection for those long days when the road pulls you far from home.

To better draw out the character of each bike, we handpicked four motorcyclists who would sample the FTR™ 1200 collections. Super Hooligan racer Jordan Graham got dirty on the Tracker, Red Bull rider Tyler Bereman sent it on the Rally, Pikes Peak champion Carlin Dunne buried the Sport’s throttle, and ATWYLD’s Jaime Dempsey got lost in the California desert riding the Tour. 

The FTR™ 1200 Tracker collection features unique bodywork, clear turn signals, a shallow seat, front and side number plates, and a high-mount slip-on exhaust by Akrapovič. Graham says, “Looking at it and thinking that it’s an actual production motorcycle blows my mind. When I was drifting the thing, I was barely touching the throttle. It’s wild how much horsepower it has.”

On the FTR™ 1200 Rally collection, Bereman covered nearly 90 miles of dirt over the course of a day. He says, “I don’t know how many hours we rode, but just getting to know that bike was one of the most fun days of trail riding I’ve had.” The Rally collection has sturdy wire-spoke wheels, a high-mount exhaust, radiator covers, and a low windscreen; the setup allows the FTR™ 1200 to take full advantage of its 150 mm of suspension travel.


Carlin Dunne won this year’s Pikes Peak International Hill Climb, so it only made sense to pair him with the FTR™ 1200 Sport collection. It is the FTR™ 1200 distilled down to its most athletic self, designed for one rider, fitted with a performance exhaust, a unique front fender, and a seat cowl. Dunne says, “The bike is fun, and that, ultimately, is what I think the Indian engineers were trying to accomplish.”


As the co-founder of female motorcycle apparel company ATWYLD and the host of History Asia’s Ride N Seek, Jaime Dempsey hunts out the forgotten corners of our world from behind a set of handlebars. It’s no wonder then she gravitated toward the FTR™ 1200’s Tour collection, designed to take you wherever you want to go with a water-resistant tank bag, roll-top side bags, and a windscreen. “I really love the luggage,” Dempsey says. “Very cool styling, and it’s got these hooks that attach to the rack, so it’s easy on and off.” 

The Indian FTR™ 1200 is a bike brimming with possibility. Enjoy it as is, build it to be yours, or pick from one of four thoughtful collections. Anyway you go, you won’t go wrong, because the Indian FTR™ 1200 is a handsome, capable, aggressive-but-approachable motorcycle, built for this world’s coiling pavement and its battered dirt roads to nowhere. The FTR™ 1200 marks the start of an all-new chapter in the oldest story in American motorcycling, and we can’t wait to see what unfolds from here.

Iron & Air Media thanks Indian Motorcycle, Brand Amp, Carlin Dunne, Jaime Dempsey, Jeff Stockwell, Jordan Graham, Tyler Bereman, Steve Green, and everyone else who made this project possible.



To pick up a copy of the collaborative Iron & Air Media + Indian Motorcycle FTR™ 1200 Accessory Collection booklet, visit your local Indian Motorcycle dealership.  | @indianmotorcycle




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