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While it’s often the machines that take center stage on Bike EXIF and Iron & Air, often overlooked are the creative and ingenious builders from around the globe who demonstrate the dedication, tenacity, and broad vision to bring these creations to the world. In this installment of Behind Garage Doors, we meet Kaichiroh Kurosu of the Tokyo-based Cherry’s Company.

(3) Cherry's Company is located in Tokyo, Japan.

Kaichiroh Kurosu of Cherry’s Company

As a kid, Kaichiroh Kurosu loved riding sportbikes, but as he got older, he realized that he was drawn more to the beauty and functionality of the bikes than actually riding them. When he went to school he majored in architectural design, and afterward, took a job as an interior designer. But motorcycles kept calling to him, so he quit and went to work at a Harley-Davidson dealer for eight years. With design experience and motorcycle building and repair knowledge under his belt, Kurosu decided in 2000 that it was time to start out on his own. He opened Cherry’s Company and began producing four to six builds a year.

It was his showpiece Highway Fighter, a stunning BMW R NineT, that pushed him to the top of the custom scene. “It’s a masterpiece of mine,” he says, “and the requests to make Highway Fighter are still continuing from all over the world. It’s the bike that has changed and defined the range of my work, my style, my category — everything. It demonstrates what I think is my best skill, which is to create balance that leads to beauty.” Now with three employees, two shop spaces, and an eye toward moving forward with a wider range of techniques and materials, Kurosu has the passion to keep Cherry’s Company at the forefront of custom shops.

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It's a masterpiece of mine... It's the bike that has changed and defined the range of my work, my style, my category — everything.

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