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Gear Battle Approved Motors’ “Stomper” All-Electric QuadPhoenix-based EV startup BAM touts its latest project as “Ferrari meets Tesla in the dirt.”

Without a single sale, an all-electric off-road vehicle startup is making a case to, ahem, “Stomp” out the competition.

Phoenix-based Battle Approved Motors — BAM for short — has dropped its latest design for its of high-end all-electric UTVs — the Stomper. With its sleek looks and promising early specs, this elite quad may change the game for UTV design before the first one is rolled out.

What is it exactly? The high-performance prototype appears to be a monster-quad mashup of sports car meets road truck meets start-of-the-art technology meets environmentally friendly electric vehicle.

According to Chris James, former BMX rider and filmmaker turned BAM CEO, the startup is hellbent on shaking up the growing zero-emission luxury utility terrain vehicle (aka UTV) market.

As he explained during a recent interview, the Stomper can be described as a “Ferrari meets Tesla in the dirt.”

Right now, the UTV market is currently valued at $7 billion and is estimated to hit $11.5 billion by 2027, according to recent reports. Similar to an ATV, the difference is that UTVs can be better equipped with more powerful engines with greater horsepower and torque specs, and more geared for hauling through tough terrain.

According to its website, the concept behind BAM was to “bring modern technology and performance to the UTV market. Initially engineered to be a turn-key off-road racing platform, BAM will also offer a consumer model – think prestige meets progress. While the performance of the BAM e103 freestyle will be unmatched, the footprint left off-road will be non-existent.”

And although specs remain sorta sketchy at the moment, early indicators are the sleek-looking Stomper will feature a 75hp, 99 lb-ft electric motor, using a rear-wheel drive. When it’s released, which is still TBD, the Stomper’s electric powertrain, quiet motor and long-lasting life can make this a potential vehicle of choice for military use.

Normally, prices can range from $7,000 to $10,000 for a new UTV. But don’t expect any deals for the Stomper. James told the Phoenix New Times to expect high-end prices for an elite yet-to-be-released UTV, adding that only “in a Ferrari dealership” could it possibly be sold.

Just how expensive? Reportedly you’ll have to shell out 100 grand for the flagship model, with the racing model expected to go for about $150,000 (pause for laughter).

So about that expected release date? So far, BAM has not made an official announcement, although early reports anticipated a 2022 launch. And BAM’s website says the designs remain in the engineering and development stages, with exact prices and specs to be announced after the startup begins accepting UTV sales reservations.

Stay tuned.

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