Kind words

"The reader has easy access to a world of romance and adventure, all linked to machines. It's all very, very good. All the artwork is beautifully chosen and content inspirational!"
Walt, Walt Siegl Motorcycles

“A motorcycle magazine that promises to bring the best content monthly to you with a click of the mouse!” 
Mark, Sydney Cafe Racers

"Looking through the first issue of the mag and we're STOKED with how great this looks."
Zech, Society Clothing

"I just cruised through...and it sure looks beautiful. Glad to see cool old motorcycles get some top shelf graphic design thrown at them!"
Bill, Biltwell, Inc.

"Congrats to Brett and crew at Iron & Air for a damn fine job on the inaugural edition of Iron & Air Magazine."
Thom, Iron & Resin

Jason, Dime City Cycles

“It’s honestly an incredible piece of work – congrats on what must have been a long and hard job.” 
Tim Aysan,

“Guys, the issue is incredible! Congratulations on a job well done!”
S. Toepfer

"I must admit, when I discovered Iron & Air I was simply looking to satisfy my lack of having a motorcycle (yet) with the images of fine tune, hand-built machines. In the end I've found much more then that. I found a connection with others...and even a sense of belonging to a community I haven't yet earned the right to be a part of yet. I've started reading Issue One and I'm already excited for Issue Two. Everything about Iron & Air appeals to me, keep it up you're doing something right with this."
M. Dawson

“Just finished Issue One, great read and very entertaining, I feel inspired!”
M. Walker

“Quick glance thru Iron & Air’s Magazine Issue One, its beautiful. Can’t wait to dive in. Well done gentlemen, well done.”
C. Logsdon

“Damn fine magazine… Subscribed immediately. Best read around for crazed cycle tramps. I’m in for life.”
J. Dunn

“Wow fellas… just subscribed for the year and glanced through the first edition, awesome work! I’m looking forward to digging into this issue more and seeing what the next 11 months have to offer!”
A. Bower

"Just subscribed to a full year to your magazine!"
D. Pisciotta

"Kudos on the magazine! Love Mitch's machine in 'priceless'"
A. Helzer

"Iron & Air, I'm holding you personally responsible for years of therapy bills due to my iron lust problem."
J. Bogart

"Just finished reading the July Issue (again)...way different then you typical motorcycle magazine."
S. Rivet

"Just read the entire first issue in one sitting, AMAZING! I ride everyday but the COWBOYS article reminded me of the romanticism that is two wheels, I will be subscribing to the paper issue."
R. Glab

"I'm on only on page 32 of your mag... it's AWESOME!"
P. Sweeney