Featured playlists from the Iron & Air crew and our favorite folks around the world.

What We're Listening To - Max Schaaf

For this installment of 'What We're Listening To', we tap legendary vert skater and 4Q Conditioning's, Max Schaaf. This is sort of making me pee my BVDs because Max is most certainly a kind of hero for me. Mini-ramp was (and I like to think still is) my thing, I just never had big enough hangers to drop in on vert, so I have always felt like a little bit less of a man because of it. Here, Max takes us through his playlist and gives us a taste of what it might sound like to live next door to his workshop...besides the thundering blare of straight-piped Knuckleheads.

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All Them Witches - Lightning at the Door

Sometimes, the cure-all elixir for the musically mundane is a huge, rock-your-face-off stoner riff. Other times, it's a slow-burning blues dirge. Once in while, it's a cult-folk jam with fiddles and tambourines from an Appalachian carnival. 

And sometimes, it's a groovy, downbeat stomper with a catchy hook. By some form of black magic, the second record from All Them Witches, Lightning At The Door, manages to tick all those boxes. On paper, it seems like a peculiar amalgamation of different music thrown into a blender and shat out the other side, but they're able to weave the sonic fabric together into a perfect quilt of rock-and-roll beauty. 

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Ola Stenegärd - Working The Metal 

Ola Stenegärd is the head of vehicle design at BMW Motorrad. He’s responsible for the design of the S 1000 RR  the HP2, and the most recent R nineT. Ola is an avid and vocal supporter of the custom motorcycle scene and has made appearances at some of the most celebrated motorcycle events ranging from France’s Wheels & Waves all the way to the Pacific Northwest's One Moto Show. We asked Ola what tunes tighten his trousers and he put together a mix that he calls his blowtorch, grinder, and planishing hammer list and it’s as metal as it suggests. Crank it up, fuckers.

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Thom Hill of Iron & Resin - Road Trippin'

Thom Hill of Iron & Resin - Road Trippin'

Many of my summer memories involve road tripping. I’ve traveled in just about every rig imaginable, but the one constant has always been a good soundtrack to accompany the journey. My musical tastes run the spectrum, but I’m heavily influenced by blues, country, and folk, and often find myself returning to my southern roots in my daily listening habits. 

This playlist contains a few of the songs I had on heavy rotation this summer during a three-week camping road trip throughout the Pacific Northwest. It’s perfect for long stretches of highway and scenic byways, and hopefully something to accompany you into some wild places and wide open spaces. Hope you enjoy it.

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