Welcome to the Collective.

Social media has played a major role in our beginning. We worked to create our audience based around an ideal, a simple concept; there is no better way to live out your life than on two wheels. The Moto Collective will act as a joint effort between Iron & Air and a select group of creatives who have demonstrated the highest caliber of documenting life on and off of two wheels. We want to open up our social channels to the brightest and most talented minds we have had the pleasure to work with. Each of you has been selected based on a number of factors, not just talent alone, and we're glad you're here.


Think of us as the National Geographic of motorcycling.

From the very beginning, we deliberately made efforts to only curate the highest caliber of content to deliver via our social channels, and did the same with the pages of our magazine. Quantity over quality has never been an option. It sets us apart, and has become our standard. Every day we are garnering the attention of world renowned brands and their respective audiences, increasing the number of eyes on Iron & Air, thirsty for the quality content we have become known for (we reach nearly 1.5 million people weekly). Rather than regurgitating already published content from other blogs or sites, we want Iron & Air to be the go-to resource for fresh, original content that you can't find anywhere else. The Moto Collective will pave new ground in the this industry, creating a body of work that will be impossible to ignore.


Our platform is your platform.

With our magazine, we seek to provide premium, original content, within each and every page. We want our social streams to be reflective of that as well. We have chosen you to be the pioneers of this content distribution method, and are allowing you to share your work across the full gamut of our media channels (social, email, print, and video/tv). While we will drive the content distribution, the Moto Collective belongs to you. Have a story idea? Let's hear it. Have a great idea to implement something new? Share it. We want to work side-by-side with you to ensure the mutual benefits of this initiative.

Moto Collective benefits include:

  • access to an engaged audience of over a half-million people. 
  • first access to 'Special Projects' with our sponsors.
  • entry to special events and shows.
  • a subscription to Iron & Air / T-Shirt
  • inclusion in Year-End Photo Annual
  • a special listing on magazine contributor page and on our site with links to personal social streams/websites. 
  • Moto Collective badge for use on your personal site. 




Get started today.

Click 'upload' above to start sending us files. Content categories and file specifications are discussed in detail on that page. When we receive your content, it will be queued for distribution via our social channels. Your personal social accounts will be tagged and credited to each image driving likes, and traffic to your pages as well. Some content may be viewed as a better fit for the magazine, or may deserve a dedicated journal post on our site (to be determined and communicated on a case-to-case basis). 

Talk to us.

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