Help our friends get a cow. And a motorcycle.

Our friend Mike and his sweetheart Leila run a charity called Flying Kites -  a home, primary school and scholarship program for orphaned children in the foothills of Kenya's mountains. Besides helping kids, Mike is often lost on a mountain somewhere, while Leila is stitching together impactful words for Huff Post & The NYTimes. They're rad people with big hearts and they need our help. We're asking you, Iron & Air fans, to give a bit this holiday season, and help us raise a bit of dough to get them kiddos a few things: a moo cow and a moto to help them get things done. Here's the skinny:

First the cow: milk & fuel for the kids.

At their center in Kenya, Flying Kites rely on biogas for all of their cooking needs. As you can imagine, cooking three meals a day for 60+ kids and 30 staff takes a lot of fuel. They currently have two cows that are housed in a "zero-grazing" unit where they collect their shit and "load" it into the biogas digester which captures the methane. The methane is then piped into the burners in their central kitchen.

Because they're are able to control what the cows eat they produce 30% more milk than grazing cows, and so the surplus can be sold to help supplement the costs of feeding. Finally, after the cow shit is removed from the digester it flows into a holding tank which they then use on their farm as manure.  

Biogas, milk, manure. Cows fucking rule.

Second, a motorcycle: Help them to do there jobs better, faster and believe it or not, more safely.

The roads in Njabini are pretty brutal, especially during the rainy season. The orphanage currently has an extended cab land cruiser which is used as a school bus. Picture over forty people (mostly kids) inside it at once. African clown car.

While the kids are in school the staff are running around town on local moto taxis doing errands to help run the place: buying supplies, food, meeting with government officers, taking kids to counseling. Getting the day-to-day done. Motorcycles are the most practical of transportation in Njabini. Most can't afford a 4-wheel drive vehicles and even those don't stand a chance against the mountainous roads during rainy season. Motorcycles help staff do their jobs better, faster and believe it or not, more safely.

We already know motorcycles fucking rule. :)

Head over to Flying Kites to donate as little or as much as you feel compelled to. Thank you!